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The Great Aptamil Crisis of 2021

Anyone who uses formula will know that for the last few weeks there has been a sudden decline in the availability of ready-made formula. I first noticed on my online shopping that the Aptamil ready-made wasn't available. Fortunately, I was able to get some from Boots online. The following week, there was no ready-made formula available on any of the online shopping sites including Boots, and when I braved it and actually went into a shop (like a normal human-being pre-covid), I was met with empty shelves.

I am ashamed to admit that I have always used ready-made formula, despite being at home 99.9% of my time. I briefly tried using the powder, but found an impatient 2-month old didn't give me time to allow the water to boil and cool. The ready-made shortage has caused me to go back to using the powder. While I find I am able to use it with a lot of planning and constantly having the kettle boiled, for the first morning feed after a sleep my baby does not have the patience to wait another 30-minutes, and for this I am using the limited supply of ready-made feed that I have left in the cupboard.

This makes me realise how privileged I am that I am able to afford the ready-made stuff at home. I also have huge respect and admiration to parents who are using powdered formula out of necessity and cost, as even though the powder still costs an arm and a leg, it is undoubtedly cheaper than the ready-made.

I feel terrible for the working parents who need the ready-made formula. I am finding it an inconvenience while sitting in my own house with constant access to the kettle, how on earth are people who rely on the ready-made formula to feed their children on-the-go coping without it? Not to mention parents-to-be who are concerned about having a supply of formula in for their new arrival - I did this (just in case I needed it, because I was going to breastfeed and it was going to be simple and work as long as I tried... right?) and it gave me huge piece of mind. Some celebrities have even been speaking out about this issue, most notably Paloma Faith, who I just love for being so down to earth and for spreading kindness and support to other mums.

So where has it gone?

Well, according to ( "suppliers paused production over a problem with an ingredient". It does however state that production has now restarted. Thank goodness!

Let me end this post by spreading a little bit of kindness, love, and support to parents who use formula. Particularly with issues around the National Trust and Hipp there has been some truly awful, nasty, and hurtful talk around the use of formula. Formula use is not evil, you should never feel guilty for using it. It may be that you have tried to breastfeed and it didn't work and formula is the only option for feeding your child, or it might be that it was your personal choice to use formula from the get-go. Whatever the reason for you using formula, you are an amazing mum and you know what is best for you and your baby. Let's support each other and #BeKind, no matter how we choose to feed our babies - breast, bottles or anything else!

Do you use formula? Do you use the powder or the ready-made? Is there a magic secret to using powdered formula with ease? Let me know in the comments below!

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