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What I really want for my first Mother's Day

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

This Mother's Day will be my first as a mum, and I am really excited about it. Like all new Mums, I've been through quite a lot in the last few months, so the idea of getting a bit spoilt for a day is a lovely thing.

My husband tells me baby has got a surprise for me. The biggest surprises baby has given me to date are when I've opened the nappy to find a 'surprise' poo waiting for me. The ones you don't hear, smell or expect, until Oh! There it is. But this surprise has got me thinking, what would I really like as a new mum? Beyond flowers and cards. So if you know a new mum or are stuck for ideas take note below - perhaps they will be on the same wavelength as me. What I would really like for my first Mother's Day: 1. A solid block of 7 hours sleep.

I know how greedy of me to ask for 7. I had a personal best of 5 hours up until this past week where I was treated to a luxury 7 in a row on Tuesday night. I felt like a new woman! Shame it didn't last.

2. A shower.

My little one is nearly 5 months now and you still don't want to know when I last had a wash. 3. A hot meal.

I have eaten gone-cold dinner almost every night since having my baby...but I must admit for a while there I found myself preferring it that way! Madness. 4. To be told I am doing a good job.

I am incredibly lucky, I have a supportive husband and family around me to tell me this. And it's something I can't hear enough and need telling far too often. But I would say all new mum's need to hear this. If you're reading this and know a new mum, use this day to tell her that she is doing great. 5. Chocolate.

This point doesn't require elaboration. But in all seriousness, all I really want is a healthy, happy baby to love. We are lucky to be Mums. As hard as it is, it's the best job in the world.

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