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The Learner Mum Reviews: Baby Einstein Star

This is the first of a series of posts in which I will be reviewing baby toys and products. I am not being sponsored to write this content today, and should stress that this review is simply my own opinion and experience.

The Learner Mum Reviews:

Baby Einstein Star


I am writing today's review on the Baby Einstein Star (bright symphony) toy, because I think this has been the best toy out of all that we have been gifted for our baby.

The Baby Einstein Star is a flashing musical toy. It's yellow, circular plastic has a smiling face and a red light flashes from behind this. Importantly to note, there is a warning that this toy produces flashes that may trigger epilepsy in sensitized individuals - so not suitable for everyone.

Surrounding the main plastic body is a plush fabric which is easy for baby to grip. The tunes it plays are upbeat renditions of classical music. I won't pretend to know their names or composers, but I recognised them all.

The Baby Einstein Star is suitable from 3 months. For me, this is what has made it so brilliant. When baby was young, nappy changes were particularly traumatic events. Singing and shushing did nothing to stop the crying. Then my mother bought us this toy Star and it was a total game changer. The flashing and the music was an adequate distraction to get through the nappy changes.

The other benefit of the Baby Einstein Star, is that it comes with a Velcro attachment which means it can be attached to the pram or a swingy chair etc. We have relied on this toy to keep baby happy during car journeys, trips to the hospital and around the house.

In terms of the settings for the music on this toy, there is a motion sensor setting whereby music will play when it is moved, and a continuous setting where the music will play until it is physically switched off. There are also two volume options which is useful when going out and about.

This toy has stood out from many others because it plays the tune continuously. I have many toys that play a brief jingle when a button is pressed. These are ideal for an older baby who is able to independently press buttons. But for our younger baby, being able to activate a toy and leave it with baby is great. It allows my mind to think about other things without the need to activate the toy again every few minutes. On this note, the battery life is great. Despite being on near constantly for several months, we have only changed the batteries a couple of times.

Overall, I think the Baby Einstein Star is a fantastic, easy to use, simple and engaging toy. It keeps baby entertained for a good stretch of time. When friends recently had a baby I instantly knew this is what I was going to send them. It is available on Argos and Amazon both at £13.

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