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Review: My Little Love Heart's Large Bibs ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Disclaimer: This is a review of products that I was sent free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is completely honest!

A few weeks ago I got in touch with Luisa, owner of My Little Love Heart, on Twitter. She informed me that she wanted to send out products in exchange for honest reviews. I was to look on the website ( and see which item and print I would like to choose.

I was instantly drawn to the extra large bibs. My baby is over a month into his weaning journey, and regularly ends up covered in his tea, despite wearing a bib. The left shoulder was a particular culprit from turning his head away from the spoon and rubbing his cheeks (caked in whatever pureed delight was on the menu) on his shoulder. The other issue I have is, as previously mentioned, that I have struggled with "mummy wrist"/ carpel tunnel syndrome, and have found my hand function weakened and am constantly dropping things - so getting a spoonful of runny food from the jar to a moving target mouth was even more of a challenge. I frequently end up spilling food before it's reached my baby's mouth, covering his top and sometimes trousers. I had actually commented to my husband saying why we're bibs made so small! I was getting food everywhere but the bib. So I was beyond excited to give the large bibs a try; and my goodness did they exceed my expectations!

Luisa let me choose two prints. I opted for "Koala" and "Llama" prints. She handmade them to order, and posted them from Australia. As soon as I opened the box I was excited; they were just what I was after.

About the Bibs

They are handmade in Perth, Australia, with a front made of 100% cotton and a backing of organic cotton and bamboo. There are a huge range of prints available too, I was spoilt for choice. They are made by Luisa, who throughout our contact has been really lovely. It always feels nice to support small business, and I do hope Luisa continues to do well with My Little Love Heart, for all her hard work and passion she certainly deserves to.


The quality of these bibs is fantastic. They feel soft and comfortable, with a fluffy underside which is lovely and soft and actually helps the bib gently grip onto my baby's top. The fabrics are just beautiful too. I was debating my favourite for some time, and at time of writing have decided the Llama print wins by a whisker.


The poppers (again usually my biggest enemy due to my hands) are really easy to do; I think because they are plastic they do up easier and don't take as much force to pry apart (which is useful as I usually end up doing this one-handed whilst supporting my baby with the other).


The width of the bib around the shoulder is so much more than my baby's other bibs, and completely protects his clothes from getting smeared as he turns his head away or elegantly spits out whatever I've put in. The size of the bib covers most of my baby's clothes, and yet stays close to his body due to the fluffy lining giving it a decent weight and a clinging effect. The first time I tried the bib, it caught food right at the bottom - proving its size to be entirely useful.

Baby's Verdict

I don't know if this is a common thing, but my baby usually kicks off when I put a bib on him - he will pull at it and turn his head, trying to get it off. The large size of the My Little Love Heart bibs means that he somehow accepts it - it is more like an item of clothing he thinks nothing of. So I'm saying it's a thumbs up from him too!

My Verdict

I have never done a post like this where I received items to review, and part of me was apprehensive as I knew I would have to be completely honest - but I can genuinely say I absolutely LOVE these bibs. They would be perfect gifts for new parents, they come with beautiful little tags and the quality speaks for itself. I would highly recommend My Little Love Heart and expect to be perusing their website again soon!

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